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The Verdict Is In: Mandate Domestic Violence Training for Judges

Law enforcement officers, social workers, health care professionals, teachers, and other state employees have been pushed to learn about the dynamics of domestic violence, but one crucial group of people is sometimes overlooked—our judges. It is not uncommon for a … Continue reading

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Guns, Knives, and Social Media: The New Frontier for Abuse, Harassment, and Victim Blaming

Written by The Mary Byron Project Intern If you were walking down a public street and suddenly noticed a man beating a woman to the ground, violently hitting her, you would know that you were witnessing abuse. You would not … Continue reading

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A Call for Action: Changing the Culture of Teen Dating Violence

Empowering young people with the tools and the language to decipher healthy relationships from abusive ones is imperative in order to quell the epidemic of teen dating violence. We often forget that dating violence, which encompasses physical, emotional and/or sexual … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence Fatality Reviews: What They Do, and How to Improve Them

Each year, approximately 1,500 women are killed by their current or former intimate partners. That number is staggering – but it is only the lower limit of the number of fatalities domestic violence creates every year. Some victims kill themselves … Continue reading

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Doctors Need to Screen for Domestic Violence

It should come as no surprise that domestic violence is an enormous public health issue. 22% to 39% of women are estimated to experience intimate partner violence at some point in their lives. IPV affects 1.3 to 5.3 million women … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence and “Crimes of Passion”

Let’s talk pop culture. I admit it, I read the Twilight books. And I also didn’t realize – because I was 13, lovestruck, and confused – that Edward’s creepy, obsessive behavior was not okay. When he watches Bella from her … Continue reading

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Guest blogger Honi Goldman: Robbie Albarado trial shows police, courts less likely to ignore domestic abuse … if it’s reported

Honi Goldman is a media relations executive, owner of HMG Media Relations and a longtime Kentucky activist and friend of the Mary Byron Project. We’re making progress – the domestic abuse charges against celebrity jockey Robby Albarado would never have … Continue reading

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