About Our Organization

The Mary Byron Project is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. We were established in 2000 in memory of Mary Byron, the young woman whose tragic murder led to the creation of automated crime victim notification technologies. A nationally recognized thought leader on domestic violence, the Mary Byron Project cultivates and supports efforts that extend beyond crisis management to attack the root causes of this epidemic and help build safer, healthier communities. Please see www.marybyronproject.org for more information about us and the programs we fund.

Solutions are within our grasp. The Mary Byron Project was established with that quest in mind.

About This Blog

This blog is intended to provide commentary and information about issues surrounding the way domestic violence crimes are treated by our courts, in the media, and in society at large. Each entry only provides an overview of complex topics, but we fact-check our sources and we stand by the accuracy of our entries. Links to further information are provided at the bottom of each entry. We hope you find our blog informative!


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  1. Chris Owens says:

    I can’t let October’s observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month end without a call to change the culture. We have a culture that accepts and even applauds violence. Domestic violence will not end until our culture rejects it.

    Domestic violence (or intimate partner violence) is a serious problem. The statistics are frightening. One in three women are domestic violence victims. For women living in violent relationships, pregnancy increases their risk of death by 75%. Changing the culture is the only way we can end the violence.

    Too scary? Too overwhelming?
    How scary is it not to try?

    We all have a role to play in making our communities safe – safe for anyone at any time; safe in any place. To change the culture and end domestic violence, no one can remain a bystander.

    Victims can report after the crime;
    Police can arrest after the crime;
    Abusers can be punished after the crime.
    But we can help end the crime.

    All it takes to begin changing the culture is to say what we believe:

    No, violence is not acceptable.
    No, verbally or emotionally pushing people around is not acceptable.
    Yes, we expect public officials and law enforcement to take steps to protect victims and end abuse.
    Yes, we will hold ourselves, the people around us, and our public officials accountable for working with us to create a culture where abuse is not tolerated.

    And one more thing:
    No more “Us” the experts and “Them” the victims. We’re all in this together.

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