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Systematic Failure

What would the criminal justice court system look like as it pertains to domestic violence if it were designed today? Years ago, domestic violence wasn’t considered a crime. Beating your wife was like vandalizing your car. It’s stupid to mess … Continue reading

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Judges: For your information…

The last blog post discussed the importance of having good judges in the system. The two basic methods used in the selection of judges in the United States are election and appointment. Elective methods may be either partisan or nonpartisan. … Continue reading

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Judges are supposed to stand for justice, and as the executors of this abstraction, they are supposed to be blind. But judges are often blind in a way entirely antithetical to justice. Bias blinds them to truth, or else moves … Continue reading

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What about the kids?

statistics 15-25% of pregnant women are battered 30% of battered women are battered while pregnant 50% of men who abuse their wives also abuse their children 87% of children are cognizant of their mother’s victimization. Don’t assume they don’t know … Continue reading

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Information everyone should know

 As of now, there is no federal law that requires dating violence education in schools. While some states have passed their own laws, there is no mandate that gives every student the opportunity to learn about intimate partner abuse. We, … Continue reading

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